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Silvia Gonzalez-Ackroyd

Silvia Gonzalez-Ackroyd

Realtor/Advocate & Advisor (23 years experience)

Buyer's Agent,
Listing Agent,

I started working in the real estate industry since 1994. I began as a real estate secretary then became an REO foreclosure assistant. I eventually became an office manager and since got my license in 1998. I have always worked in real estate either as a part-time agent or full-time agent. The industry has changed since the massive foreclosures began in 2009. Instead of being like most agents who left during that time period I stayed and have taken numerous classes and seminars to keep pace with the ever changing policies being issued. 


Contact me today to find out how I can help you by calling 760-828-6951 or 951-291-1860. I can help with the following: 


1) Going from a smaller home to a bigger one; 

2) or going from a big home to a smaller one – two story to a single story; 

3) buying your first home or first investment property; 

4) deciding to either do short sale or fight to get a modification; 

5) or just relocating. 


I am here to serve your needs. I grew up in North San Diego County and raised my children in Southwest Riverside County. I have four children and most of my family now lives in Wildomar. I am an agent that cares about your well-being and of your family. I also know the area very well in the City of San Diego and surrounding areas. Call me today at 760-828-6951 or 951-291-1860